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Georgia Sea Grant focus areas
Research, education and outreach to support the Georgia coast.

About Us

Georgia Sea Grant was established in 1971 by the National Sea Grant College Program, which serves to support the productive and sustainable use of our coastal, marine and Great Lake resources. The National Sea Grant network is made up of 33 programs located in each of the coastal and Great Lake states. Part of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Georgia Sea Grant is housed at the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens and has outreach specialists in Atlanta, Athens, Brunswick and on Skidaway Island.

Georgia Sea Grant closely partners with UGA’s Marine Extension Service (MAREX) to create research, outreach and education programs that promote the economic, cultural and environmental health of Georgia’s coast. Together the organizations encourage citizens throughout the state to become good stewards of coastal and watershed resources.

Why is Georgia Sea Grant Vital?

Georgia’s coastal zone is rapidly growing in population, development and industry. Between 2000 and 2030, state projections anticipate a coastal population rise of 50 percent. However, even with this potential coastal growth, most of the state’s population live far removed from coastal issues. Georgia Sea Grant works to engage and inform the entire state’s citizenry through efforts to:

  • Support sustainable economic and population growth on the coast
  • Provide tools to guide wise and efficient use of coastal resources
  • Build a strong partnership between metro Atlanta and Georgia’s coast
  • Help create a robust state seafood industry
  • Assist developers in adopting sustainable building practices

As inland and coastal communities compete for natural resources and upland growth threatens the health of coastal marshes and estuaries, Georgia Sea Grant supports a balanced approach toward land use, economic development and ecosystem health. Achieving this mission begins with effective partnerships and ends with an engaged public.


Learn more about the Georgia Sea Grant program in our Briefing Book for our National Sea Grant 2015 Site Review.

Areas of expertise

  • Healthy coastal ecosystems
  • Resilient Communities and Economies
  • Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Georgia Sea Grant’s Mission

To support research, education and outreach activities that promote environmental and economic health in coastal Georgia by helping improve public resource policy, encouraging far-sighted economic and fisheries decisions, anticipating vulnerabilities to change and educating citizens to be wise stewards of the coastal environment.