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Georgia Sea Grant


Georgia Sea Grant and its partner The University of Georgia Marine Extension Service (MAREX) provide outreach assistance to local governments, coastal communities, resource managers, businesses and the general population to help stakeholders address problems affecting coastal Georgia and prepare for a prosperous future. Extension specialists connect coastal communities with objective, scientific information; collaborate with neighboring states to confront regional issues and offer proven, practical methods tailored for each specific circumstance.

Georgia Sea Grant and MAREX are a vital resource toward building sustainable, healthy economic and environmental conditions on the Georgia coast.

Coastal Hazards
      Climate Community of Practice
      Coastal Crisis Response
      Flood Insurance
      Hyde County, NC Adaptation Plan
      St. Marys Adaptation Plan     
      Sea Level Rise
      Shoreline Change Mapping
      Tybee Island Sea Level Rise Plan

Communicating Science
      Philip Juras Exhibit
      Sea Grant Art Collection

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems
      Invasive Species
      Marine Debris
      Water Quality

Safe and Sustainable Seafood
      Bycatch Reduction
      Coastal Fishing Guides
      Federal Aid for Shrimpers
      GA Seafood Suppliers Directory
      HACCP Training
      Mercury Hair Testing
      Shark Bycatch
      Shellfish Safety
      Shrimping in Georgia

Sustainable Development
      Conservation Landscaping
      Non-Point Source Pollution
      Stormwater Management