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Tybee Island currently and with three feet of sea level rise, depicted by the Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts viewer, a tool developed by NOAA's Coastal Services Center.

Planning for Sea Level Rise

How Georgia Sea Grant is assisting the Georgia coast

As a University of Georgia Public Service and Outreach unit serving the Georgia coast, Georgia Sea Grant is partnering with coastal communities to prepare them for hazards such as sea level rise, hurricanes, flooding and storm surge.

Approaching these issues from multiple fronts, we support research, outreach and education designed to answer questions about coastal Georgia's vulnerability to hazards, support community planning efforts and increase public awareness about the risks of coastal hazards.

Georgia Sea Grant is partnering with UGA Marine Extension Service and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government to provide:

  • Objective economic data and planning expertise to local governments in coastal Georgia;
  • Training, tools and assistance in accessing federal incentives to city and county governments, coastal military bases, state agencies, universities and others, increasing coastal communities’ resilience to coastal hazards; and
  • Preservation recommendations for historic areas along the Georgia coast.

Explore the Elements of Sea Level Rise

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