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Third grade teacher Tony Miller at the Isle of Hope Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia
Georgia Sea Grant strives to bring the coast to Georgia's children.

Teacher Tools

Curricula, Posters and Educational Materials

Grades K-8 Curriculum:
Georgia’s Amazing Coast Lesson Plans: Grades 3-5
Marine Debris and Me: Grades 4-8
Mountains to Sea: The Journey of Sand: Grade 3

Roger Day’s Marsh Madness:
Pre-K Curriculum
Kindergarten Curriculum
Grade 1 Curriculum
Grade 2 Curriculum
Grade 3 Curriculum
Grade 4 Curriculum

From Mountains to Sea: The Journey of Sand by Rachael Grabowski

Grades 9-12 Curriculum:
Mercury Pollution: Source to System: Grades 9-12
Products, Organisms, and Our Environment: Grades 11-12 (classroom powerpoint presentation)
Remote Sensing, Impervious Surfaces & the Salt Marsh: Grades 9-12 (classroom powerpoint presentation)

Guides and Worksheets

Georgia's Coast:
Georgia’s Coastal Features Worksheet
Georgia's Coastal Habitats Worksheet
Georgia’s Amazing Coast Roundtable Game
Maritime Forest Scavenger Hunt Cards

Animals and Sea Life:
Beachcombing Identification Guide
Classify This! (game on native coastal animals)
Consumers, Producers and Decomposers Worksheet
Floating Dock Community Identification Guide: Invertebrates
Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle Worksheet
Phytoplankton Identification Guide
Sea Stars Handling Tips
Zooplankton Identification Guide

Birds of Coastal Georgia:
Duck-Like Birds
Gulls and Terns
Large Soaring Birds
Large Wading Birds
Mainland Birds
Shore Birds Guide

A “Catchy” Guide to Trawling: Trawling Identification Booklet

Marine Debris:
The Flying Debris Children’s Book
Marine Debris Tracker App for Field Trips

Catch the SEACOOS Wave!

Thanks to the combined efforts of the South East Coastal Ocean Observation System (SEACOOS), Georgia Sea Grant and the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, The SouthEast Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (SECOSEE) has 1,000 wave posters to distribute to Georgia Schools! This poster supports the SEACOOS virtual waves classroom, which can be found on the SEACOOS website. On this website, you will find classroom activities, real time wave information, wave vocabulary and a waves fact sheet. The 36 inch by 32 inch, four-color poster, Making Waves, will be mailed in quantities of 3-5 to Georgia schools (as long as the supply lasts). No single copy requests please! Email your request for posters to Margaret Olsen, SECOSEE Education Specialist. Be sure to include the name and complete address of your school.